Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutionsInnovative learning solutions: Dare!...& progress

Across the world, the current situation – complex, everchanging and global – creates new stakes for companies and their managers. To improve performance and conquer new markets the situation requires rapid adaptability and agility from all concerned. ILS offers effective solutions to accompany staff and help them find tomorrow’s operational answers in a climate of change.

Phase 1:

Instill a desire for change

The ILS facilitators absorb the company’s history, corporate culture and processes, assess its needs and strategic business issues. The aim is to give the participants the taste for risktaking, daring, involvement, for them to become active players in implementing change.

Phase 2:

Facilitate change

The training phase begins here and continues throughout. ILS by Audencia Group facilitates this approach by providing all parties involved with the methods, tools, and understanding that will enable them to work together to find operational solutions for their company. Our methodology is both creative and effective. We carry out a full-scale assessment of group efficiency, create a common culture, and break down compartmentalised structures (developing communities and collaboration through projects).

Phase 3:

Guarantee the field impact

ILS by Audencia Group supports the company with the operational implementation of behavior change and warrants a smooth transition at ground level. Operational coaching integrated with the solutions is used to measure, correct and guarantee the impact and effectiveness of the system. ILS by Audencia Group ensures the sustainability of the process by transferring its know-how to the company. This handover makes it self-sufficient to continue the change process within the business.